Whitney Avalon is an effervescent actor you might recognize from her work on television, roles in over 50 commercials, the time she went grayscale, or any of the videos below.
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Comedy Reel

Whitney Avalon in clips from: BABY NAMES*, HAPPILY DIVORCED on TV LAND (with Fran Drescher), GOING DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE*, NEW NEW YEARS RESOLUTION, THE BIG BANG THEORY on CBS (with Jim Parsons and Kunal Nayyar), SQUARE ONE (with Randall Park), COUPLES THERAPY (with Mike Rose and Stephen Guarino), VIDEO GAME AWARDS on SPIKE TV (with Jack Black), GIFT GUIDE (with Brady Novak), EXPENSIVE TASTE*, OUTLAW on NBC (with Jesse Bradford). *also written by Whitney

Princess Rap Battle
Belle (Whitney Avalon, who also wrote and produced) takes on Cinderella (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in the latest funny rap battle of the series, which has over 100 million views web-wide and enjoyed acclaim from press in over a dozen countries. The single is available on iTunes. The series of rap battles created by and starring Avalon also includes Snow White vs. Elsa, Galadriel vs. Leia, and Mrs. Claus vs. Mary Poppins.
Going Down the Rabbit Hole
An original comedy song about internet addiction, performed and recorded live. The single is available on iTunes.

Acting Reel

Whitney Avalon as Lori Newton in MONDAY MORNINGS on TNT with Jamie Bamber, Jennifer Finnegan, Sarayu Rao, and Adam Rose; as Assistant District Attorney Tara Rhodes in OUTLAW on NBC with Jesse Bradford; as Lilly in Craig Pentak's film DRIVE DANNY DRIVE with Sean Cook; and as Nurse Courtney in DAYS OF OUR LIVES on NBC with Nathan Owens.

The New Facebook Timeline
An original spoken word piece written and performed by Whitney Avalon.

Cheerios commercials

Whitney Avalon plays the mom in multiple spots, alongside Grace Colbert and Charles Malik Whitfield.

Whitney Avalon plays Kris in this web series by the Duncan Brothers, a spoof of MIGHTY MORPHIN' POWER RANGERS. Start with this (episode one) and watch all 9 for lots more Gigabots madness! With Johnny Pemberton, Mark Teich, and many more.
That Doesn't Make Sense
Whitney Avalon co-wrote and performed this comedy song about well-meaning parents trying to answer their daughter's questions about religion.
Drive Danny Drive
Whitney Avalon plays Lilly in Craig Pentak's post-apocalyptic 20-minute short film. With Sean Cook.

Video Game Therapist
Whitney Avalon is the voice of Cortana in this episode of Fatfinger and Mike McCafferty's nerdy series.

Ticket To Ride
Whitney Avalon and Strangely Attractive cover the classic rock song in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

The Sequence

Whitney Avalon is the voice of the computer in this mind-blowing short by Aaron Moles.

Baby Names
Whitney Avalon as Ginger and Nathan Graham Smith as Stu face the perils of choosing a baby name.

Days of our Lives

Whitney Avalon recurs as Courtney on the long-running NBC soap opera. With Nathan Owens and Kate Mansi.

Expensive Taste
An original comedy song by Whitney Avalon and JH. The single is available on iTunes.

Monday Mornings

Whitney Avalon guest stars as Lori Newton on the TNT medical drama, opposite Alfred Molina, Adam Rose, Sarayu Rao, Jamie Bamber, and Jennifer Finnegan.

Ikea Heights
Whitney Avalon is one of the stars of this melodrama web series from David Seger, which was shot guerrilla style in several actual, open Ikea stores! With Randall Park.
Couples Therapy
Whitney Avalon plays Kim in the opening scene of Mike Rose's tale of a joke gone awry, which played in dozens of film festivals from America to India and Australia to Britain. Also with Stephen Guarino and Nick Triplett.
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